Wild quail hunting on huge private ranches and vast wild lands of New Mexico is the sport of Kings! 


The Santa Fe Guiding Company manages over 300,000 acres of private lands and operates by special use permits on millions of federal land acres spread across southern New Mexico producing fantastic wild quail hunts year after year.

Looks to Be a Superb Year For Quail Hunting

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Another great piece of news - ranchers and cowboys are reporting "quail hatching big time everywhere!" Going to be a super quail hunt year for all 4 species (bobwhite, Gambel's, scaled and Montezuma) this coming hunt season 
Nov. 15, 2019 - Feb. 15, 2020

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With weather and moisture watching, constant communications with our land owners followed up by Sept. - Nov. big game hunts with boots on the ground in the same regions, we know where the best hatches have occurred and move our hunt locations accordingly. View Us On TV in our quail hunting videos section.

·         All wild birds
·         Private 1-3 hunter parties hunting over SFGC dogs
·         Client dogs are always welcome
·         4 species - bobwhite, scaled, Gambel's and Montezuma
·         Fully outfitted hunt packages including our cool dogs, guiding, lodging & dining
·         ProGuide day hunt packages
·         Semi guided hunts so you and your dogs have access to our properties
·         Nov. 15- Feb. 15 open season with 15 bird limit
·         Combination hunts for dove, ducks & waterfowl available


The Santa Fe Guiding Company  is land and bird rich but limited in dog power  and is always open to parties wanting to hunt over their dogs.